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“From Know-How to Grow-How – How to Get From Smart to Smart-Digital (And Sustainable) in Ports?”
Jörn Springer (Sleipner GmbH) – Speaker in Session 7 at Baltic Port and Shipping 2021

We are experienced in digital transformation.

The skills behind SLEIPNER

  • Your specialist for maritime IT solutions.
  • Over 20 years experience in building software systems
  • We create Business intelligence solutions
  • Hands-On Experience from operations:
    • Tugboats
    • Pilotage systems
    • Mooring services
  • Decades of Business Process Optimizations
  • Hands-On Experience from operations:
    • Tugboats
    • Logistics
    • Pilotage systems
    • Mooring services
    • Offshore


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The Market

Any approach of a port/river/terminal is different.

Different service providers

Different systems and processes

little transparency on price and performance

cumbersome ordering and invoicing

outdated and multiple technology: fax, paper, VHF, email

...and: little or no competition!

Why Sleipner?

  • Operators with ships calling ports with multiple service providers
  • Operators who do not own a sophisticated fleet management system FMS
  • Operators with FMS but no insight in port area characteristics
  • Tankers / Bulkers / PAX Vessels / Container ships


The Idea.

One “folder” per ship

Filling the gap with operations

Ocean Transfer/Fleet Management

In Port / Terminal Performance: Data from port agent / terminal operator

from end of ocean transfer:River/Esuary/Canal/port

SLEIPNER: Same platform across borders

All your agents/employees

All your service providers

All your official entities

Our Solution.

What is in it for you as a customer of port services?

Seamless and convenient ordering process

Realtime status tracking / Progress and Delays

Insights / statistics for purchasing decisions

Get part of the success story.

Total Transparency & Planning Tool

Performance KPI
–duration of services
–peer group
–cross ports/regions

Streamline your port processes

Total Process View
-Regulatory and individual information
-Harmonized ordering process
-Updates and Alerts

Cut through the many layers of stakeholders

-Seamless information flow from ship to shore
-From pilot to tugboat to boatmen to your agent
-Matching of supply and demand for tugs, berths, services

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